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We provide reliable service and repair for On Premise Laundries DryCleaners and Commercial Laundries

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Meet Joe Farmelo

 Vegas Laundry Wizard was created in 2004 out of a garage in North Las Vegas. My experience derived from working at most of the Big Laundry companies in Las Vegas, experience with all of the name brand Machinery such as Braun, Milnor, Chicago, Challenger, Unimac, Lavatec to name a few. What makes Vegas Laundry Wizard ahead of the rest is Joe has worked at the plant on these equipment, he understands not only how to repair the machinery but how important it is when the machine is out of service.

Other Service

*New Machinery Installation

*Equipment dismantling and removal

*Purchasing used or refurbished equipment

 *Welding service

*Drain Cleaning

*Plumbing and Repair


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About Us

Vegas laundry wizard has been doing business since 2004. residing in las vegas since 1994. specializing in commercial and or residential laundry repair.